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Mirror Mirror 3, published by 2dcloud
108 pages
6 × 8"
CMYK offset print


Featuring Paige Mehrer's 37 page comic "Mother of Pearl" and 2 collaborative comics with Haejin Park and Sophie Page.


"This is not a comics anthology that just compiles various contributions by different artists but rather one that can only exist as one piece, one that was created by three parts of one body with a shared vision. These stories don’t make you see the individual artists behind them — these stories want to tell you that they created themselves and will keep recreating even after you put the book down. A living organism of the most convincing examples that show how masterful and unpretentiously poetic comics can be." —Aisha Franz, author of Shit is Real


"Lush dancing forms in kaleidoscopic color and style, Mirror Mirror 3 is animated, playful and delicious. A collection of delightfully joyous work vibrating with creative vigor. An ornate dream box of beautifully wrapped candies you've never tried before." —Lale Westvind, author of Grip

mirror mirror 3

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